Each day, the cafè Al Bicerin is praized by so many people. From affectionate regulars and those who come upon it on their journeys, to those who come from far to sit at the little tables from the 1800s and savour the home-made delights…
But in the year 2000, Maritè Costa, the passionate custodian of the traditions of this locale, has been paid an even greater compliment. The place to which she has dedicated 20 years of her life has won Best Bar in Italy (with Bar Montanucci from Orvieto for Central Italy, and the Patisserie Alba from Palermo for Southern Italy) organized by Gambero Rosso, a recognized authority in the field of gastronomy and wine bars.

The bar is alive, warm in its welcome ambience and personnel, a key point in the social network of our country (…)
The bar is part of the same idea of a wordly Italy.
( Andrea Illy – Presentazione a I migliori Bar d’Italia del Gambero Rosso)

Finally, we hope that those few minutes of break-time in the day that each one of us takes when we cross the threshold of a bar, hurriedly approach the counter or sit at a table to relax reading a newspaper, are synonymous with well-being and happiness.
( Introduzione – I migliori Bar d’Italia del Gambero Rosso)

Al Bicerin, founded in 1763, and part of the Association of Historical Locales of Italy, is a real jewel and to have breakfast here in the morning is the perfect way to start the day. Their special ‘coffee’ (which isn’t really coffee) made from chocolate, coffee and cream, is absolutely exquisite.
As a perfect accompaniment, simple home-made lady fingers, hazelnut or cocoa flavoured, croissants, or sliced cake are simply scrumptious, and all made here. Loving service. Little complete tables. Next door, a shop full of so many sweets and home-made chocolates of the highest quality.
( scheda descrittiva – I migliori Bar d’Italia del Gambero Rosso)

The Gambero rosso doesn’t only judge the coffee, but has taken everything into consideration. First prize goes to a minuscule but very famous locale in Turin that bears the same name as its own speciality ‘Al Bicerin’. For over a century, people have queued to taste the legendary blend of coffee, cocoa, cream (…) both the secret formula and guaranteed pleasure are given the seal of approval by the sweet-toothed DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) of Gambero.
( La Repubblica)